Buried Treasure

Mendelson Joe CD Buried Treasure

January 2014.

Dear Blues-Lovers: Back in the 1980s, I made several recordings, two of which were commercially released. Both these gems received next to no airplay. Since I own the monsters, I thought I’d amalgamate my favourite tracks, inspired performances, raunchy truth-telling music – and, re-release this batch before I’m cremated crispy. I’ve long-lived as if today’s my last ergo those who do they will, and those who don’t they won’t. I am truly old and cold this January day. Behold Buried Treasure. 
M. Joe.

All songs written, composed, sung and played by Mendelson Joe and Advocates.

Copyright Mendelsongster Publishing, SOCAN.

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1. Alien – 3:30
2. Friendopause – 3:00
3. Cold Old – 4:29
4. They Will Take Your Pants – 2:49
5. Addicted – 4:17
6. Threading The Needle – 3:58
7. Lick And Sniff – 3:37
8. Going Through The Motions – 4:08
9. Air Canada Can – 7:10
10. Cockroach – 7:31

Mendelson Joe CD Buried Treasure
Buried Treasure back cover