Spoiled Bratland

Mendelson Joe CD Spoiled Bratland
Spoiled Bratland

Eclectic, multi-media artist Mendelson Joe follows up his historic LIVE AT SIXTY-FIVE solo CD with his visionary, and most accessible toe-tapper Spoiled Bratland. Spoiled Bratland is the work of a visionary. It’s a landmark of love and passion for truth: many truths. Timing is everything. Behold the renaissance of Canada’s resident existentialist and self-taught minstrel.

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  1. Slow Down Joe
  2. Honkis de Konkis
  3. Take This Tip
  4. The Muse Will Choose
  5. February
  6. Long, Long Time
  7. True Love
  8. Counting Sheep
  9. Whatever Makes Me Tick / It is You
  10. Lawyers
  11. Puke (He Makes Me)
  12. Spoiled Bratland